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The Kinectory was launched in 2013 from the simple idea that every child is a genius and has the capacity to offer something unique to the world. Now an innovative preschool and cornerstone of North Austin with vision to scale nationwide, we offer a learning experience that is unlike any other. We transform children into scientists and engineers by introducing the scientific method and engineering habits of mind through play in the most critical years of early childhood when 90% of neural development takes place. Memories sparked by our senses become the learning anchors of our minds, and sensory experiences provide a rich foundation for a lifetime of learning. Many parents, children, education professionals, local businesses and school districts, and universities have reviewed the Kinectory with delight, providing sponsorships and offering grant funding and endorsements to further its influence on the next generation of leaders.


Every Child Is A Gift

Every child is made in the image of the Creator, carrying inherent worth and boundless innate potential. The early developmental years are pivotal, with 90% of a child's neural development unfolding before the age of 5. We help them lay the foundation for a lifetime of successful growth.

Every Child Has A Gift

Every child has a unique calling and gift that we believe deserves exploration and discovery. We make it our mission to help your family identify these intrinsic abilities and begin to develop them in their early years.

Every Child Should Exercise Their Gift

Our greatest fulfillment comes from embracing our eternal purpose—serving Jesus with our gifts. By identifying, equipping, and empowering young leaders, we ensure your child has the opportunity to begin exercising their gifts and walking in their God-given purpose.


We harness the latest methodologies, resources, and tools, embracing continual learning and training to stay at the innovation forefront. This commitment ensures we're always equipped with cutting-edge methodologies and products.


Through original research initiatives, we push boundaries and share new insights, contributing to the broader dialogue and understanding in our field.


Kinectory Learning Centers LLC and our 501(c)3 charity initiatives create environments for children to develop their talents, extending our vision across various communities through profitable, franchised learning centers and targeted research.


Christian worldview

More than a Bible class or a weekly chapel. A kingdom mindset and kingdom purposes are always are part of everything we do.

Integrated Stem

Stem Isn’t a class or an activity. It is a mindset and way of thinking

Research conducted on campus

Redefining early childhood education to empower every child’s God-given abilities.

Individualized teaching for all learners

Learning styles and multiple intelligences are catered to for each student.

Kinectory Klub

The Kinectory Klub is a one of a kind membership program that gives your child access to high-quality educational experiences year round. The member- ship grants access to school events without full time enrollment. It is a hybrid of a children’s museum and co-op experience.
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Redefining Early Childhood Education to empower every child’s God-given abilities.

Integrated STEM

We provide a learning environment where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are not just subjects, but interconnected tools that are integrated into the entire learning experience to empower children to navigate and shape the world around them with curiosity and confidence.

Research Backed

Our methods are grounded in cutting-edge educational research, ensuring that your child's learning experience is supported by the latest findings on effective childhood education and cognitive development.

Individualized Learning

Every child's learning journey is unique. Our approach tailors attentive educators who help attend to individual needs and learning styles, fostering a personalized path to discovery and mastery.

Christian Worldview

Education at our center is more than academic excellence; it's about nurturing a strong moral foundation. Our approach is rooted in a Christian worldview, helping children to identify their intrinsic value as children of God.

School Not Daycare

We offer more than just childcare; we provide an enriched learning environment that capitalizes on the educational opportunities that exist from 0-5 years old, where 90% of neural develoment takes place.

Early Childhood Development

The first few years are critical in a child's life. That's why our programs are designed to maximize early learning and development, setting the stage for lifelong success.


Hear from the families, educators, and community members who have experienced the difference we make. Their stories and testimonials reflect the positive impact we have on growth, learning, and development.

 I was so impressed by all I saw while there. Your instructional approaches are totally on target as to what the research says engages children and supports STEM student learning. My sincere congratulations (not to mention appreciation) for developing a model STEM early childhood program. 

Mary Hobbs, Ph.D.

Coordinator for Science Initiatives Center for STEM Education at UT Austin

As a mama, I wish a place like the Kinectory had existed in the early childhood school I sent my children to for three years before they began their kindergarten year at the local elementary school. The Kinectory would of provided them with the opportunity to learn more through their play- the Kinectory space builds children's mathematical reasoning, scientific understanding, and develops their literacy skills. I cannot think of a better place for children to learn through their play. 

Sarah Jean Baker, Ph.D. 

Education Professor
University of Michigan

The Kinectory provides a great model of integrating STEM knowledge and skills with best practice in early childhood education. Children were encouraged to physically interact with materials and, through that process, develop thinking skills such as observing, comparing/contrasting, sequencing, classifying, and evaluating. Scientific and mathematical vocabulary was used by the staff in order to develop critical concepts. The frequent change of activities and materials allow for continuous growth and learning on the part of the children.

Elizabeth Vaughan, Ph.D.

Former Early Education Chair
Stephen F. Austin University


We're here to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the enrollment process. Contact us to learn more about our programs, our philosophy, or to schedule a visit.
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We're here to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the enrollment process. Contact us to learn more about our programs, our philosophy, or to schedule a visit.
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